Cafes, Pubs & Restaurants - Toilet-Room Ads

What are they?

Due to their extreme efficiency, toilet-room ads are huge in the world of alternative media. The strategic positioning makes the ad impossible to avoid and the average viewing time of 1 minute guarantees the advertiser that the message will successfully be communicated. The only option for a pub, café or restaurant visitor to avoid the ad would be if they prefer walking around with their eyes shut.

Who are they for:

Ads placed in men’s rooms are for "the boys“, those placed in women’s rooms are for "the girls", those placed in restaurants are for gentlemen, those placed in Celje, for example, are for Celje locals, those placed in disco and nightclubs are for party animals etc. They can be prepared either for all 600,000 individuals who will read the toilet room ad every month or for the carefully selected target groups you are aiming at.